UPDATED: Which Delaware Valley parks and trails are open?

A list of which national, state, and county parks remain open in the Delaware Valley.

An inviting trail at Palmyra Cove Nature Park in Burlington County, New Jersey in May 2019. The cove is closed to the public, as are all New Jersey state and county parks, as of Gov. Phil Murphy’s April 7 order. [Photo: Kyle Bagenstose]

By Kyle Bagenstose

(Note: This article last updated 5/22/20. Readers should verify a park or trail’s status before visiting.)

With the novel coronavirus threatening residents of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, officials initially had to close or restrict many public spaces to protect public health. However, through the month of May, many re-opened. Below is a list of what is currently open to the public, and which restrictions remain in place.

If conditions don’t match what’s in this article, or if there are specifics to know, please feel free to email me at Kyle@delvaloutdoors.com.

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